Bed bugs can cause multiple health issues and can be extremely painful. They can cause skin rashes, allergic symptoms, and even emotional problems. Our company can rid your home of bugs.

Visiting places with high turnover rates of overnight guests, such as hospitals, hotels, or homeless shelters can put you at an increased risk for hitching a ride back home. There are resources available online to help you avoid staying in places that have them.

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Know more about Bed Bugs

There are a variety of ways that they get in your house. They can come in on shoes, luggage, pets, clothing, or even on people. There is also the danger of infested items like stuffed animals or furniture. If nearby dwellings are infested, such as adjacent offices or apartments, bed bugs can travel though false ceilings and duct work.

Treating bed bugs is not a simple process because can be quite the elusive pests. They are nocturnal and they will hide in dark crevices. They will hide their tiny eggs in the seams of fabric or mattresses. Some signs of a bed bug infestation are fecal spots, molts or “shells”, blood smears on sheets, and bites on skin that is exposed while you sleep.

No one wants bed bugs around and they’re a pest that can’t be ignored. They feed on sleeping humans by piercing the skin and sucking on the blood before returning to their hiding place. During this process, bed bug saliva is injected into the skin that can cause swelling and intense itching.

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