Mice and rats love to find a warm place to live that is full of food and then invite all their rodent friends and families to come live with them. Your home is an ideal place for them, but it doesn’t have to be.

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In addition to being gross, rats and mice pose a significant health threat. Rodents can carry a number of diseases. They can also chew through many things in your home including food supplies or even electrical cords. Few barriers are able to keep a rodent from chewing through to something they want on the other side, especially if it is food they are after.

These critters can squeeze into your home through the smallest hole. Possibly the most important control measure to keep rodents out is to find the gaps or holes and closing them up. These holes can be found in cabinets, around doors, around the pipes under the sink, and between the wall and floor juncture. These holes can filled in a number of ways including with steel wool and caulking for small holes. Larger holes may require lath metal or screen, metal sheeting, hardware cloth, and cement. Flashing around the base of the home is also a good idea.

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